Kentucky Schools

Richardsville Elementary School
Richardsville, KY

Parks ICF is proud to have been involved in building the nation’s first “net-zero” energy school. Located in Central Kentucky, the Richardsville Elementary School is leading the way to energy-efficient public schools by building a school that actually produces more energy than it consumes. By incorporating details like a “solar-hallway” that includes solar-powered laptop charging stations and a “geo-thermal” hallway that allows students to see the inner workings of the geo-thermal climate control system, the Richardsville Elementary School is striving to become a green teaching school that inspires students to protect the environment everyday.

Bristow Elementary School
Bristow, KY

Located near Bowling Green, the Bristow Elementary School is one of the most energy-efficient schools in the Bowling Green area. Opened in Fall 2010, the school provides the community with the safest, strongest, most energy-efficient school in the area.

Clarkson Elementary School
Clarkson, KY

Replacing the aging Clarkson Elementary School, the Grayson County Board of Education chose Parks ICF to construct the new Clarkson Elementary School using ICF. The Warren County Board of Education chose Insulated Concrete Forms for the school because of its extremely high insulation qualities as well as its resistance to environmental hazards. In fact, ICFs have proven so effective in saving money and providing exceptional safety, the state of Kentucky has mandated that publicly-funded school construction requires ICF construction. We are excited to have been involved in this project and worked hard to provide Clarkson with the safest, strongest, and most energy-efficient school in the area.

Thomas Nelson High School
Bardstown, KY

After overstretching the capacity of the Nelson County High School, the Nelson County Board of Education decided to construct the new Thomas Nelson High School. This new school is reaching for LEED certification and will be the most energy-efficient education facility in Nelson County. Started in early 2010, we are proud to have been involved in this project.