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Oliver Springs Airport

The Parks ICF, LLC. team added concrete pads to the front of the hangers at Oliver Springs Airport.

Check out the before and after pictures below!

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New Project Near Foothills of the Smokies

A project Parks ICF began a few months back. Parks Management is completing the project turn-key for the homeowner.

The original house of the homeowners burned, and the fire marshal recommended ICF for the stability and safety quality. This home will have a condition attic – meaning we will be spray foaming the roof deck. This will give the home a R38 envelope of high insulation, which means very low energy bills in the future! We will update as the project moves along.






New Project near Foothills of the Smokies

Update of our turnkey project with our sister company, Parks Management.
We used a unique board and batten siding by Celect (a PVC product) which attached to the 8″ ICF webs of the forms of the house. This was our first time using this product. We found it durable and very easy to work with. The siding gave the house a distinct country feel.
We will update soon with pictures and information of the inside of the house.


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Latest Project: Parks Management, LLC

With todays increasing energy costs, energy efficiency is becoming more and more important when thinking about building your own home. In our latest project, our sister company, Parks Management, LLC, is joining with Gordon Design & Planning, LLC in producing complete, energy efficient ICF homes, giving buyers peace of mind about reducing their long-term energy costs.

Visit our Project Gallery to see one of our latest projects.

Our Latest Projects

We are excited to show you photographs from one our newest project, the Kosair Children’s Outpatient Center outside of Louisville, KY in the Brownsboro area.  It is a playful yet advanced facility that will assist in the fight against many childhood diseases.  ICF was the perfect choice for this multi-story medical facility and will make it not only very energy efficient but also one of the safest medical facilities in the country.

In the coming weeks we will be showing you photographs of the first Net-Zero Energy School we are currently building in Richardsville, KY.  It is a facility that will actually produce more energy than it uses and put electricity back into the local electrical grid surrounding it, so stay tuned.

We also have added many more points-of-contact at our company. Simply go to our Contact page to be able to send e-mails directly to our companies head officers.