Residential Projects:

Homes that are built using ICF have been found to save up to 44% per year on utilities. A research project was recently completed that revealed that a 5,000 square foot home in East Tennessee incurred a yearly utility cost of just $1,250.00. This home was built from the footers to the roof trusses with ICF and had all electric utilities. This type of construction provides superior energy-efficiency that will keep paying for itself year-after-year.

Residential ICF Home in Vonore, TN

Residential ICF Home in Vonore, TN The ICF for this single-family residential home was installed by Parks ICF and built in association with O’Hara Design and Build. The home boasts 5,990 gross floor square footage with a 3-story hexagonal tower. A “river-loop” ground sourced heat pump was installed for an innovative heating and cooling system.

Residential Home in Greeneville, TN

Residential Home in Greeneville, TN In another residential venture between Parks Management and Gordon Design & Planning, a customer reached out to Parks ICF to help them build an energy efficient retirement home. The photo gallery shows the project from the rough start to near completion as the project stays on time and on budget.

Custom Home in Knoxville, TN

Custom Home in Knoxville, TN Beginning in 2012, our sister company, Parks Management, LLC, joined with Gordon Design & Planning, LLC to produce complete, energy efficient ICF homes. The slideshow below showcases one of our projects together.

Black Bear Falls

Black Bear Falls Uniquely placed on 43 beautiful acres in Gatlinburg, TN, the cabin retreats of Black Bear Falls represent some of the challenges of building on a mountainside. With specially designed footings and foundation, the owner/developer of Black Bear Falls has chosen to use Insulated Concrete Forms because of their strength capabilities. These foundations […]

Rarity Pointe

Rarity Pointe ICF Homes at Rarity Point provide exceptional insulating qualities for high energy efficiency, while maintaining the unique sense of style demanded by the community.

Covered Bridge Resort

Covered Bridge Resort The Covered Bridge Resort Community is another rental community that has chosen to use ICF throughout the resort. The foundation of each cabin is built using ICF and the majority of them utilize the Mar-Flex waterproofing system. Many of the cabins consist of foundations reaching over 40 feet tall. With a stone […]

Casey Residence at Jackson Bend

Casey Residence at Jackson Bend Constructed on the Ft. Loudon Lake in Knoxville’s Jackson Bend community, the Casey Residence exemplifies the use of ICF throughout both floors. By using ICF, the Casey’s have been reaping the maximum benefits of the ICF including energy efficiency and noise reduction. By using the strength benefits of ICF for […]

The Homestead

The Homestead Nestled deep in the heart of Wear’s Valley, The Homestead offers a serene escape from everyday life. Built using ICF, this luxury cabin retreat boasts the strongest foundation on the mountain. With a game room on the first floor, the noise insulation qualities keep nearby vacationing neighbors happy as well.